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If you own, operate, or work for a company that uses information technology, we can help you. Many of the solutions and products we provide are universally applicable to any modern organization.

We are always actively seeking to expand our portfolio of business by engaging clients in new and interesting industries.

The following are some of the industries with which we are best acquainted:

Health Care

For any given patient, information must be shared among a variety of parties, including medical laboratories, pharmacies, various departments within a hospital or clinic; other clinics, hospitals, and doctors; and insurance companies.

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The hospitality industry is all about comfort: making your guest happy with an easy and enjoyable experience. Whether it is a fine meal at a restaurant or an overnight stay at a hotel or resort, you depend on reliable networks to ensure that your customers are satisfied.

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Professional Services

Professional services firms deal with highly sensitive and important information that cannot be compromised. They also deal with large amounts of paperwork and are constantly engaging in correspondence with other firms and persons, necessitating a well-developed network to allow for shared access to files, documents, printers, fax machines, and Internet.

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Academic Institutions

Equip your school, college, or university with the necessary networks and technology to make the most of the resources available to faculty and students.

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Recreational Facilities

We can provide IT, network, and wireless services for recreational facilities including but not limited to parks, stadiums, fitness facilities, beaches, campgrounds, and marinas.

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Retail and Manufacturing

Whether you are a retailer, wholesaler, or manufacturer, we can install the network and information technology infrastructure of your stores and warehouses. We have the resources to solve just about any IT/network-related issue that you may have.

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Government and Non-Profit Organizations

We can serve government and third-sector organizations that lie outside of the business segment but still require information technology to operate.

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