The following are some of the solutions we provide that may be applicable to businesses operating in the hospitality industry:

Restaurants, Entertainment Venues, and Eateries

CRM/account management software.

Indoor Wi-Fi (dining areas, waiting area).

Outdoor Wi-Fi (outdoor dining area, e.g. patio).

Wired network solutions.

Customized one-business-one-software solution using CRM, customizable based on your requirements.

Hotels and Resorts

Set up your entire IT and Wi-Fi building LAN network.

Secure your entire infrastructure.

Provide desktop support.

Backup/restore your data securely on/off the cloud.

Voice over Wi-Fi on site or hosted PBX solutions.

Equip your conference rooms with tools to present documents and media on a big screen to allow for visible and effective presentations.

In the case of a hotel, disruptions or discontinuities in your Wi-Fi will lose you potentially valuable clients and damage your precious reputation. Your guests depend on you to ensure that all of your networks are functioning properly in order to conduct business and communicate.